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About SeseOlive

All the ways brought me here, as an engineer or saxophonist, the Photography and Music were always present in my live. Happy to share and offer my services in a fair way.


I'm a product of 3 continents, my grandparents were born in Goa, my parents and myself in Mozambique, moving with the age of 3 to Portugal and then 32 years later to Luxembourg and since 2011 established in Munich, under the cultural heart of the Pinakotheks.

I love to make photos from any music genre, in particular Jazz, Improvised, Electronic and World Music. Being a saxophonist have also an natural interest in all types of wind instruments.


The concert its just the most visible dimension of and Artist/Band, I shot all the stages from the creation processes (composition, rehearsal), recording (studio, CD cover), marketing (posters, emailing, press), concerts (tourne, check sound, backstage, etc) and side services (books, compilations, web site design, etc). 


Feel free to contact for any query >> Handy 004915205650918


Sérgio Oliveira 


Services In English, Deutsch & Português

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